Diamond ring TD72

A beautiful classic ring of the so-called "eternity" style, which can also be used as a wedding band for many of our models, such as TD06, TD12 or TD62. However, these types of rings, with their endless line of small diamonds, evoke infinite love, so they are suitable for different anniversaries. This ring is set with 15 top diamonds in FG / VS quality with a size of 1.70 mm and a total carat weight of 0.30 ct.

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Diamond parameters
Weight 0.30 cttw
Color F-G
Clarity VS-SI1
Cut grade VG
Basic description of jewel
Material White gold 14K, 585/1000
Weight 2.00g
Dimmensions 46 - 60
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Diamond ring TD72
17 897 Kč
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The color scale starts at the letter D, which is reserved for absolutely colorless stones and ends with the letter Z, which are deep yellow stones. Our company offers stones in the D to M color ranges, which are ideal both for investment purposes and for jewelery.

The highest color grade. Absolutely colorless stone. Very rare, therefore also the most expensive. Top color for investment diamonds.

Colorless stone. From D color recognizable only by experienced gemologist. Rare stone of top color, excellent for investment purposes.

Colorless stone. From D color recognizable only by experienced gemologist. Rare stone of top color, excellent for investment purposes.

Stone very close to colorless. From colorless recognizable only by comparison. Excellent value. Very popular in the jewelery industry as well as investment.

Stone close to colorless. From colorless recognizable only by comparison. Excellent value. Very popular in the jewelery industry as well as investment.

Very finely colored diamond. In jewel looks almost colorless. Excellent value / cost ratio.

The very finely colored stone, which in yellow gold jewel looks colorless. If you are looking for a big stone at a lower price, J color is ideal. Very good price / value ratio.

Carat weight

The weight of diamonds is measured in carats.

This unit was historically derived from the weight of the locust bean seed used in the Middle Ages to determine the price of precious stones. The size and weight of these seeds is fairly the same everywhere, and they are commonly available, so it was used as a benchmark.

By converting to a metric system, one carat weighs 0.2g, or 200mg.


It is the top diamond cut, which allows its proportions reflection maximum amount of light. This diamond is designed to maximize perfection, thanks to a smaller table, the diamonds of this cut achieve unusually large light transmission and have a "fire" in it. Top quality and beauty = Unique investment. GIA and HRD are diamonds of the best cut!

Very good
These diamonds reflect most of the light that enters them and creates a lot of brilliance. Compared to the excellent cut, the higher carat weight has been taken into account, but the parameters are still excellent. In many cases, these diamonds have parameters in the range that is very close to the excellent cut.

These diamonds reflect a lot of light coming into them. At the expense of very good proportions, a higher carat weight was achieved. The diamond of this cut offers an excellent price / beauty ratio.

Diamonds with this cut reflects the small amount of light that enters them. They therefore appear less radiant. Typical for diamonds with higher carat weight at the expense of optimal proportions.


Clarity is given by the number of inhomogeneities, that is, the inclusions contained within the diamond. These are the intrinsic characteristics that determine the degree of clarity. Clarity grades are as follows:

FL (Flawless)
A very rare diamond that does not contain any dirt or internal inhomogeneities greater than 5 microns, or external abrasive quality, using a dark field binocular microscope. Top quality for investment purposes.

IF (Internally flawless)
Like the FL clarity, IF is very rare, it is a diamond without internal defects greater than 5 microns, but for minor defects in the quality of the cut it can not be classified as FL grade. Diamond with this clarity is of purely investment character.

VVS1,VVS2 (Very very small inclusions)
Diamonds with this clarity contain very, very small inclusions that are hard to detect by a qualified observer using a 10x magnifying magnifier. This clraity is reserved for investment diamonds.

VS1, VS2 (Very small inclusions)
Very small inclusions, difficult to detect by a qualified observer using a 10x magnifying magnifying glass. Widely used clarity in the jewelery industry.

SI1, SI2 (Small inclusions)
Small inclusions easily detected by a qualified observer using a 10x magnifying magnifier. Inclusions are not visible to the naked eye when looking at the stone from above and do not aggravate brilliance. Optimum clarity applicable in jewelery.


Diamond meets the expectations of an investor only if it is graded by a GIA, HRD or IGI gemological laboratory. Only these laboratories attribute to the investment diamond the weight, since their procedures and credibility are years of experience and knowledge of the professional public.

Learn more on the Diamond Grading page, the Labs tab.


Fluorescence is feature of the diamond "glowing" when illuminated by UV light. This feature is visible using special UV lamps. Fluorescent is about half of all diamonds, only 10% of diamonds are visible due to strong fluorescence in daylight.

Fluorescence is predominantly blue, but it can also be green, yellow, orange or milky white.

Fluorescence also has a relatively large influence on the price of diamonds, while in the case of top-quality investment diamonds (D, E, F), this feature is undesirable and affects negatively their price, for finely toned colors (I, J, K, L ...) on the contrary, the diamond can be more appreciated because it makes it more colorless.

Diamonds with fluorescence are especially attractive for jewelry, where they do the same service as diamonds without fluorescence, but at a noticeably lower price.

Generally, the top color diamonds without florescence (ie. "Non" or "nil") are sold at 10 to 20% higher prices than diamonds with fluorescence.

Conversely, in the finely-toned colors, the very strong blue fluorescence is estimated to be about 5% higher than that of diamonds without fluorescence.

3x excellent cut

Stones that have cut, polish and symetry excellent.

Size chart

Size Internal diameter in mm
46 14,6
47 15,0
48 15,3
49 15,6
50 15,9
51 16,2
52 16,6
53 16,9
54 17,2
55 17,5
56 17,8
57 18,1
58 18,5
59 18,8
60 19,1

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